Almost every single person who is even remotely interested in casinos has heard that casinos include no windows or clocks on the floor.But, did you know that every single thing is designed in a way that would actually play with human psychology?


There are maze-like designs that are actually meant to alter your psychology, immediately as you enter the gaming floor. It is no shock that a business like a casino which is built on getting a lot of people to ignore the odds and spend insane loads of money, would actually invest money into psychological tricks that would actually make people want to stay longer.

  1. Gambling equipment is present, immediately as you enter the casino doors. You will see slot machines that are bright and loud, as soon as you enter. You will want to play with them, because the sounds that they employee actually play into music psychology.
  2. Even the blinky lights are meant to make you feel attracted towards the machine. These attractive lights will actually make you want to gamble on the slot machines. They play a certain sound that will actually instil a sense of success in the minds of people who are interested in them.
  3. Casinos also have a very beautiful layout, but these passageways are meant to confuse the customers. If the customers are confused, they end up staying a little longer. They also have very high ceilings in a lot of places, so that the entire casino floor feels like another world.
  4. The gambling equipment and also all of the design that is used for decoration is incredibly impressive as well as expensive. They boast extravagance and luxury, two things that people are quite attracted to.
  5. You should also know that the pathways that are used to walk, or actually used to emphasise the equipment for gambling.
  6. The gambling equipment is definitely something that the casinos are really proud of. If you stay at a casino hotel, I am sure that there are casino machines as far as the eye can see, because they actually end up spending millions of dollars on these pieces of equipment.


  1. There are so many scientists that have actually done a lot of research about the sounds, lights and other kinds of stimulants that you experience in a casino and, they have concluded that all of them are meant to make you want to stay longer. The premise is that if the customers decide to stay longer, they will be more inclined to gamble more.
  2. In most of the casino hotels in Las Vegas, you will see that gambling is more prioritised than all of the other amenities. But, that does not mean that these casino resorts skip out on restaurants, bars and other essential amenities.